Choosing the right course of study can be very tasking especially to teenagers about to enter the university/college. In the average African home, this choice is guided and heavily influenced by parents or guardians.

So, we end up deciding to follow the choice of those above us and those that ‘know more than us.’

The thing with this is that you don’t get to do argue most times because parents and/or guardians pay the bills, fees, tuition, etc. So after considering all these, you have no choice but to put up with their decision.


Many people go through life without realizing they chose the course of study for which they have little or no passion. This earns nothing but career doubts, frustrations, job bouncing and uncertainty.

Many more people decide to face their fate and try to develop a liking for their course of study.

Now comes the big question:

Choosing the right course of study: your choice or other?

I noticed that most people especially teenagers tend to look at what the society has to say when they fill out their forms. They are guided by general (sometimes wrong) beliefs. The popular mantra ‘there is no money there’ is used repeatedly by parents to emphasise their points. So they decide to become doctors, just because their parents said so or because mother wants to be ‘Doctor’s mother’.

Choosing the right career choice doesn’t work that way. You end up putting yourself into something you never liked and it only leads to worse things.


Instead of being at a cross with your parents over a career choice, it’s much tell them what you want. Being stubborn could help but gauge it (the stubbornness). Trust me, you don’t want to insult or fight with your parents/guardians. Sit with them and tell them why you can’t choose theirs and also apologize for disappointing them.

By then, you should already know a lot about your dream career choice. Facts will help you win any LOGICAL argument. Give them facts and reasons why your career choice isn’t so bad.

With more than luck you should be successful.

And please if possible, avoid allowing your parents get hold of your forms. Once they have it, there is a chance that they won’t listen to whatever you have to say. I’m not trying to inspire an act of rebellion, but as someone that was once faced with that, I know how it works (I think).

Then if you feel that you have not reached a conclusion, then try asking some reasonable persons for suggestions. Don’t get drawn in by flashy tales of success. Weigh your options against facts presented by those you’ve approached.

Remember the African proverb, “all that glitters is not gold.”

One thing however is certain: Choosing the right course of study is very important and life crucial. Never let anyone make that decision for you.

Miracle Chinonso

I'm a Medical student from Nigeria. You'd be wondering what a medical student is doing on a blog like this? Well, read on and find out. You can contact me through the comments section of each post. *Wink*

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