Naija Single Girl popularly known as NSG is what I’d like to call an online diary or autography. It is one of Nigeria’s leading personality blogs and explores the life and adventures of the writer who has chosen to remain anonymous despite the pleas of her desperate readers.

naija single girl

I started following Naija Single girl about a year ago but refrained from commenting and when I did so commented under different aliases. I was observing something similar to what Batman would do before a mission. I discovered from my interaction and observation of comments that most of the readers were girls, women ranged between fourteen and fifty years. Then the guys were in the young bracket, majority were within ages sixteen and thirty-five.

While enjoying a continuous flow of both organic and inorganic web traffic, this site has grown from its inception to where we stand today. NSG knows how to talk and keep her readers glued, they are so glued that they read each single comment just to keep interacting with her. Here are some facts about the anonymous personality.

Unlike most blogs, this one is down to Earth. It tells the story of the everyday Nigerian girl and what she passes through from the boys, boyfriends, dates, teachers, peers. And she has a penchant for good, well placed humour.


Naija Single Girl debuted on December 4, 2013 and her first post was a sort of introduction where she apologized for any grammatical errors we may find on the blog. So, NSG will be four years by this December.

The blog has grown into the limelight, it won the Best Nigerian Humour Blog (2014); Best Nigerian Lifestyle Blog (2014) and was a Nominee of the Nigerian Blog of the Year Award (2014).

NSG is also a contributor to Nigeria’s top Lifestyle Blog and wedding pictures’ guru Bella Naija.

In 2016, she released her first book. 29, Single and Nigerian (29SN) is a bestselling book on e-platform Okada Books. You can buy it here.

On a scale of 1-10 points, I would give Naija Single Girl eight (8) points. Not 10 because nobody is perfect and not 9 because of the congesting mobile design of her blog.

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I'm a Medical student from Nigeria. You'd be wondering what a medical student is doing on a blog like this? Well, read on and find out. You can contact me through the comments section of each post. *Wink*

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