In July 2017, Nigerian/Cameroonian musician Reprudencia Sonkey who goes by her popular stage name Dencia suffered one of the biggest embarrassments and leaks a public personality could ever imagine.

dencia nude

For those who don’t know her, Dencia is a Cameroonaian/Nigerian-born singer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and philanthropist. Dencia got her start in the industry being featured in music videos by such artists as Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, and Ludacris, and released her first single “Beri Beri” in 2011.

She launched her own skin beauty line Whitenicious in 2014.

Now, what really happen? In July, someone—many called him a hacker—got his hands on Dencia’s phone and decided to make some money from her. He announced on Instagram that he would be releasing Dencia nude pictures to people who would pay just $50.

dencia nude

When he started recievening the backlash, he released a picture to show people he was not joking.

dencia nude

dencia nude

He continued to leak other vital personal information about her and her Whitenicious beauty line.

He released her tax statement which showed that her income margin had fallen by about $12 000 000. This was due to accusations that her beauty products caused cancer and unnecessary skin reactions. These accusations by Lisa Raye McCoy later proved to be false.


The hacker also claimed that the star was uploading Dencia nudes to big Hollywood celebrities and Soccer icons [names withheld].

The following day, Dencia’s manager took control of the scandal. He announced that Dencia was in post-surgery recuperation and that was what gave the person access to her phone [the hacker was the one managing her Instagram account then].

dencia nude

There are many stories being circulated about the Dencia nude incident, but this is a top class compilation of everything that happened. Dencia however, has retreated to her normal, former private life.

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