World War Z, Day of the Dead, Resident Evil, the Walking Dead all have something important in-common. They are all Hollywood movies, and they treat possible zombie apocalypse scenarios. Each of them and many more movies and articles have tried answering the question: could a zombie apocalypse happen?

Well, I’m here today to give you the hard truth. The truth: undiluted and without cream or sugar to make it feel better. The truth will hurt many, and some may pass out or extinguish at the mention of it so brace for impact.

Question: could a zombie apocalypse happen?

Answer: YES!!!

How is that possible? I mean, zombies? Possible?

Well, zombies have a possibility of existing and a zombie apocalypse is very much possible. How could it happen? This post will defend the “yes” answer to the question “could a zombie apocalypse happen?” with scientific facts.

Evolution of Already Existing Viruses

If a zombie apocalypse is going to hit Earth and the human race, it is going to hit hard. Scientists and experts in the field of bioengineering have theorized that zombifying humans through the application of living/semi-living organisms can only be achieved with the use of viruses.

Viruses have special mechanisms for evading the body’s defences at the point of infection and establishing their reservoir (infected cells they use as headquarters). This gives them a more fighting chance against bacteria or fungi.

Also, only viruses have the simplicity/complexity of operation/infection to create the symptoms we observe in imaginary zombies.

Why no specific viruses like the T-virus in Resident Evil exist yet, evolution can engineer one. Sooner or later, mankind may have a killer-rogue-virus on her doorsteps.

Transmission of Already Existing Diseases

Many of us may not have heard of the MAD COW DISEASE. Don’t be scared yet because the disease can be transferred to humans. Now you can be scared.

The Mad cow Disease attacks the spinal cord and brain of the cow (the central nervous system) and turns the animal into a mad, wild, stumbling, killing beast.

When humans eat this infected meat without proper handling, it leads to a disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

Its symptoms include: change in gait (walking); lack of coordination (falling, standing, stumbling), myoclonic seizure and jerking, dementia, muscle twitches and hallucinations.

It is rare and affected people don’t YET chase after uninfected humans. YET.

Bioengineering Existing Viruses/ Laboratory Mistakes

The deadly Toxoplasma gondii is a microscopic parasite that decided to dedicate its symptoms to being terrifying. This parasite breeds in the intestines of a cat but infects rats. So the parasite hotwires the brain of the rat and makes it want to transfer the growing, immature parasite babies to the cat.

In essence, the rat is about getting killed.

Simple bioengineering of the Toxoplasma gondii can make it dangerous to humans and could add more zombie features to it. Now, you think bioengineering is science fiction? No, scientists are already at work to do this though there are no recorded successes.

Are you still asking “ could a zombie apocalypse happen ?” well the answer is yes and your answers are given above.

Miracle Chinonso

I'm a Medical student from Nigeria. You'd be wondering what a medical student is doing on a blog like this? Well, read on and find out. You can contact me through the comments section of each post. *Wink*

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