You may love dancing and may spend tons of time on YouTube and popular media trying to learn new steps, develop yours, to perfect your group choreography or simply just for the fun of it. Now, while that maybe perfect and work for some of us, others don’t seem to get a hang of these tutorials.

In the end you have hundreds of useless videos on your phones or computers. You have subscribed to over 80 YouTube channels treating dancing and you may have invited your girlfriends over to show off a move and then end up humiliating yourself (I’m talking from experience).

Think again. Instagram’s video feature allows for posting of video more than 50 seconds. This social network’s feature is being used by many dancers especially the kid dancers featured in this post to show SIMPLE, NEW, FLUID dancing steps and skills for us to consume.

While don’t you hurry over and follow these Instagram based kid dancers I’ll list to get something different. If you don’t have an Instagram account/handle, you can create one here.


  1. @IamKandiReign (Kandi Reign)

Kandi Reign is a young girl. The only girl on this list and second in followers only to @ogleloo. I’ve decided to put here first because she not only dances but mixes her dance career with her social life giving her fans a comfortable atmosphere for interactions. She’s my best.

  1. @Ogleloo (Ayo)

@Ogleloo is a creative masterpiece and a dancing sensei (sensei is a Japanese word that roughly translates to master). If you’re into dancing and you don’t know him, you need to hide your face (just kidding). @Ogleloo is Theo’s partner in hit dance song “Rolex” that had its video released this year. Head over download “Rolex” by Ayo and Theo then follow him. You won’t regret it.

  1. @theBoyChance_ (Chance Mizell)

Now this guy seems to be the youngest on this list but our number three. Known for the energy in his dance and his fluid dance steps, @the BoyChance is a household name when it comes to Instagram kid dancers. Bonus fact: he has done a number of dance videos with @KandiReign.

  1. @Dabbinsk_ (Sk)

S H O T S 🏌🏾.

A post shared by (sk) ⚡️ (@dabbinsk_) on

Dabbin as I like to refer to him gave me my first Instagram comment on one of my dance videos. He is definitely out of this world. Like @theBoyChance his steps are fluid, more like jellyfish motion, and pack a lot of energy and character. I like to refer to this one as gel. His ability to move fast and still maintain the fluidness of his moves is something I see rarely (and trust me when I say something is rare, it is very rare).

  1. @Mckusjnr

First: this is the only African on this list. He specializes in hip-hop and afro-pop dance steps with his crew who sadly did not make it to this list. @Mckusjnr is a real pro, I’ve had a personal encounter with him. His moves are quick and sharp though with little energy but I think that is what defines his brand—the ability to slow the fast song down and let you see between the moves.


I think these five are enough for now. While some may say this list mainly comprises of American based Instagram handles and shout bias, I must remind you that this is merely an observation. These Instagram kid dancers have been examined among many and have made it to this list.


Do you have any other handle you think we should know? Add it in the comments section and we will monitor it.


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