The Nigerian movie industry known as Nollywood has tried to break its lag and hit international standards. Yet, the unprofessional filming and post-production work on movies are unnerving and embarrassing. What are those certified top ten errors that define Nollywood? We follow a Nigerian based analyst as she gives us the answers.

Since Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart was made into a movie at the turn of the century, Nollywood has sprouted from a mediocre industry to a regional sensation. Yet, the game still has enough glitches that still need to be removed or bypassed if this movement is to reach world acclaim.


Deborah Sisi, a movie analyst has decided to share her observations on the real problems with Nollywood.

  • Sub-Standard Crew

In the shooting of a movie, the ratings of key crew members like the Director(s) and Producer(s) go a long way to affect the overall performance of other crew members and the end product. Nollywood movies are renown for substandard and amateur crew members taking on projects way higher than them. In the end we have a load of absolute crap.


  • Wrong and Ineffective Casting

When better and effective crew members are eventually given the project, there comes the task of assigning roles. Who plays which? In Hollywood, this task takes months of fore-planning and debates to select actors who will not only play perfect roles but also appeal to fans. Everybody knows we will have a role disaster if Regina Daniels is cast as a witch or Jim Iyke cast as a priestJ.


  • Amateur Video/Sound Editors and CGI Operators

When shooting is complete and the cuts go into post-production, the video/sound editors and CGI operators go a long way into affecting what the end products will look like. Everyone knows that if our Nollywood crews had undertaken post-production of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Box Office hit would’ve been a Box office flop.


  • Amateur Stunt-Artists

I think this need to come before the previous point, but still. During filming, the need for excellent stunt-artists cannot be overemphasized. Nollywood movies are still trying to get into the act of stunt acting. Let’s take a look at The Fate of the Furious featuring Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and the Rock. I don’t think that we would have that excellent, cool movie had typical Nollywood undertaken the project. Stunt-acting is a feature that is completely absent in related Nigerian movies.

  • Personal Interests and Ethnicity

The prevalence of personal interests in the Nigerian movie sector is another feature of great concern. I have been to set locations and watch as directors and actors get into arguments over who handles what position. Nigeria is a diverse country and her citizens possess a high sense of ethnicity. This has found its way into Nollywood thus affecting the standard of movies.

  • Sub-Standard Movies

Everything we’ve mentioned so far can only lead to one thing. A BAD MOVIE. A movie that won’t be patronized by movie goers or record sale hits. Nigeria’s highest grossing movie, The Wedding Party was a hit majorly because of the foreign crew and seasoned home based cast (plus the foreign ones).

Obviously, Nollywood movies still has a long way to go. Hopefully, one day they’ll get there. I hope.

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