Have you ever been stuck without any way to load airtime during a journey? And without any retail shop to buy from? During the first decade of this century as mobile phone service gained popularity in Nigeria, the issue of getting airtime while on the go was a huge debate.

MTN Nigeria scored their first hit when they introduced the ‘MTN Borrow Airtime’ feature on their service. This enabled users to borrow and load airtime on their mobile phones and pay later. Soon, all networks were doing this.

People started clamouring for a more comfortable way of getting airtime. Thanks to the banking services available in Nigeria, network providers like MTN, GLO AIRTEL and Etisalat have incorporated this new feature to their networks. It enables users to load airtime directly from their bank accounts to their SIM and even for third parties.

So how do you load airtime from Access Bank PLC account? There are two different ways to load airtime from Access Bank accounts and I will treat both of them here.

Ways to Load Airtime from Access Bank

  • Through USSD mobile feature
  • Through Access Bank Mobile App

Now let me get down to details on these two.

  • Through USSD mobile feature

You can load airtime from your Access Bank account through the ussd feature on your mobile phone. It is simple, fast and reliable once you follow the following step (it requires no registration or deductions from the user).

  • Dial *901# on your mobile phone
  • Among the options displayed select ‘Airtime’
  • Select if to buy for that SIM (Self) or another SIM (third party)
  • (For self) Put in the desired amount of airtime you wish to buy
  • Put in the last four digits of your bank verification number (BVN), you BVN can be checked by dialling *# on your mobile phone for just NGN20
  • Wait for half a minute for the airtime to load

  • Through Access Bank Mobile App

You can also load airtime from Access Bank through the Access Bank mobile app. It is free on Google Play and the App Store. Simply download the app and visit the nearest Access Bank branch to activate it.

  • Login to the mobile app with the details given at the bank
  • Select the side menu
  • Select ‘airtime’
  • Follow the prompts to load the airtime

(NB): This method requires internet connection.

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