Many of us have been on Instagram for sometime now and still have a very low followership. This post will reveal five tested ways to increase your instagram followers for free!!! Without completing surveys or paying a penny.

I joined Instagram in 2013 and in my first few month I was contented with the 130 followers I had. I thought it was normal and that many followers were reserved only for celebrities and public figures. I held this mentality till I stumbled in the profile of a classmate. Guess what? She had 50k followers.

I asked her secret and tried out other methods I had picked up over the years. Today, I have over 90k followers on Instagram and still getting like 150 new followers each day. I decided to put together this post on how to increase your Instagram followers for free.

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These methods I will outline are methods I have carefully selected, tired and found out that they actually worked. I had to share this with friends in order to ensure they worked before posting this. Let’s cut the chit-chat and see how to increase your Instagram followers for free:

  • Be Active on Instagram

One of the ways to grow your Instagram followership for free is to be active on the social network. Even if you don’t feel like posting a picture try to view profiles of other people, like and comment on their pictures and videos. This is an unavoidable step.

  • Follow People with Common Interests

Another secret to growing your Instagram followers is to find accounts have the same interest(s) as you do and follow them. This will not only expose you to such accounts but will also bring in the ‘Follow for Follow’ clause. It also ensures you never have boring posts on your timeline.

  • Watch out for Ghost Accounts

No doubt everyone here hates being ghosted. Ghost accounts are a nuisance to people seeking to increase their followers. They sit there on your ‘following’ list and don’t like, comment, or even post on their profiles. Such accounts don’t deserve you. A simple way to get by this problem is to use an ‘unfollower’ app. There are many free ones on Google Play and App Store.

  • Don’t Ignore your Search Tab

Growing followers has to do with creating more impressions on Instagram. This is a vital method to increase your Instagram followers for free. Constantly visit your search tab to like, comment and possibly follow new people. Instagram’s algorithm makes sure that accounts displayed in your search tab are accounts with similar interests. So, there is no harm in following more people.

  • Watch your ‘Followers’ to ‘Following’ Ratio

As your follow relevant accounts, do well to watch the ratio between the number of accounts you follow and the number of accounts that follow you. Try to keep a balance. One of the ways to do so is keeping an eye on the ghosts. If someone ghosts for two weeks then it’s time to remove them.

  • Avoid Following the Big Guns/Ghosts

Avoid following the big guns? Why? I like Justin Bieber or Cristiano Ronald or Eminem or Lil Wyane.

Yes, avoid following the bug guns. Celebrities are like ghosts, they take little or no detail of your account. You can follow a few but watch the number. It is better to check on their profile, like the pics and go your way.

Instead of following them, check out the list of those who liked their recent posts and follow them. At least 80% of these accounts are active and not ghosts. This is an interesting method on how to increase your Instagram followers for free.


I think that sums up this post: how to increase your Instagram followers for free. Is there any more method you know, let me know in the comments section below.

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