Snap Inc just released the latest update to their world banging app Snapchat. For those who need the orientation, Snapchat is a social app that enables users share ‘snaps’ of their times.

Snap Inc has been in what the media has termed a ‘losing battle’ against Instagram owned by our Facebook business mogul Mark Zuckerberg. Since Instagram rolled out its Instagram stories update, the people at Snapchat have known that tough competition was at the corner.

Recently, the Facebook-owned Instagram has pumped in millions of dollars to ensure successful cloning of Snapchat features into Instagram.

Some of those Include:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram filters
  • Instagram tags

Snap Inc has however rolled out a new update that keeps telling Facebook that Snapchat is the ultimate snap app. This new update to the app that has recorded 500 million downloads on Google Play has a handful of new features that will keep users glued to it.

Now let’s get down to business:

  • Snapchat has included the Link Insert feature in their latest update. Instagram has had this trick for sometime now but Snapchat has upped their game as well. Now, users can insert links related (or not) to their snaps using the Paperclip feature. Top analysts are saying that this tool has broken Snapchat’s chain of detachment from other apps. Figure it? A website can now be included in snaps and messages by simply tapping the Paperclip button, then the links can be viewed by swiping up on your message.
  • Now this second feature is top secret and I will reveal it for a small sum of $20. Got you! I’m just kidding. Snap Inc has released updates to Snapchat that allows users to alter their voices using filters. This trick has been there before with Snapchat’s animated lenses, but now, voice filters allow you to remix your voice after recording a snap without the accompanying visual effects of the earlier updates. By simply tapping on the speaker icon, all possible voice filters can be accessed to add more colour to snaps.
  • Then the last update. Brace yourself. Snap Inc has included a Backdrop tool that enables users add a background to their photo. The Backdrop tool allows users to place a design behind their snaps instead of overlaying them with illustrations. Just by taping the scissors icon, you can draw over portions of your photo. This feature is very similar to Snapchat’s geofilters. Just like other filter, there will be the daily rotational feature to introduce new batches of Backdrops.

There is a bonus feature. This update to Snapchat’s geofilter introduces special and customizable geofilters for special events like birthdays, graduations within the app for a low sum of $5.99. Snap Map was a update rolled out last month by Snap Inc to allow users instantly locate their friends, check-in at various locations and add stories to pings.

Lately, Snapchat has been in a battle of supremacy with the Facebook-owned Instagram over who rules the ‘stories’ market. These updates are Snap Inc way of keeping above competition while Instagram pushes in millions of dollars to clone features by Snapchat.

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