Guess what? You can’t guess? Okay, I’ll tell you guess next year.

The Thing is, while most of you might have enjoyed the Spiderman: Homecoming movie trailers, there was a conspiracy to keep some scenes from the trailer out of the final movie.

Just kidding: I mean about the conspiracy part. But, there are some scenes confirmed by officials that were left out in the final cut of the movies premiering tomorrow.

In a ScreenCrush interview with Spiderman: Homecoming’s director Jon Watts, he reveals that there are some awesome shots from the trailers that didn’t make it to the final cut of the movie. While those scenes may have been what many of us waited these years for, the production team deemed them unnecessary. Or they simply forgot to put them in.

Movie critics and analysts have speculated that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spiderman: Homecoming may hit the $100 million dollar mark in it first weeks in the theatres and Box Office.

Which Scenes Were Removed?

The omitted shots are where Vulture drops down from the ceiling and swoops toward the camera, and the god-killing, awesome, screenshot-able moment where Iron Man smoothly flies beside Spider-Man.

Goodnews! I’m going to see the movie tomorrow.

How Did We Know This?

The interview with director Jon Watts was funny though. In his words,

“I think what happened was in the very first trailer they wanted a shot of Spider-Man and Iron Man flying together, and they were going to use something from the Staten Island Ferry [scene], but it just didn’t look that great, the background plate, because the Staten Island terminal is a very simple building. It almost looks like an unrendered 3D object.

So I think I was like ‘Let’s just put them in Queens. Let’s use that as a backdrop.’ Because we couldn’t just create a whole new shot, so let’s just use one of these shots of the subway; put them in there… I feel a little weird that there’s a shot in the trailer that’s not in the movie at all, but it’s a cool shot. It’s funny, I forgot that we did that.”

Director Jon Watts has emphasizing the fact that Spider-Man is indeed a bona fide member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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