Flash Season 4 Premier Titled “REBIRTH”

Anticipating The Flash season 4? Well, here is some good news for you The CW has resumed work on the CW superheroes series. The CW production office tweeted a photo that reveals the title of The Flash season 4 premiere that is set to strongly show a story line that will follow Geoff John’s six-issue “Rebirth” line which started in spring 2009 and revolves around the events following Barry Allen’s absence and his supposed return.

  • Where Were We?

The Flash season 3 left us hanging after a short-lived victory against Savatar. Barry was forced to leave behind the gang and go into the speed-force prison to fill the void left there after Earth 3 speedster Jay Garrick was freed to help defeat Savatar in the final episodes of season 3.

Not much is known about the premier of season 4 except that work has started. Analysts are speculating that Team Flash’s main concern for this coming season will be The Thinker (Clifford DeVoe) who has been mention twice on the show.

If you can’t remember you can still re-watch everything while we wait for the October 10 premier.

Already confirmed is the fact that the new season takes place six months in the future. This is tough for the team especially Iris West and Joe West, we also have our resident physicist still going through the trauma of Harrison Well’s death.

  • She Speaks…

“The Oct 10 premier takes place six months in the future, and we still don’t have Barry out of the Speed Force,” Candice Patton (Iris West) revealed at the Saturn Awards where she was named Best Supporting TV Actress. “Iris is really struggling to deal with that and she does it her own way.” I would add, “as usual”, but I’m not the cool Iris West or Candice Patton.

  • I Speak

I forgot to mention, my best friend has a crush on her. Tough luck for the young guy.

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