23 Years Old South African Man Kidnapped and Raped by Women!!!

A 23yr old South African man was recently kidnapped and gang-raped by three female assailants in a taxi. What started out as an ordinary commute took a traumatic turn when he hailed a communal taxi which had the women as passengers and got in.

In his words, he said. “Suddenly, the car changed direction and I was ordered to sit in front. I was then injected within something and I passed out.”

South African Police Service Captain Colette Weilbach said: ‘He stated that he woke up in an unfamiliar room on a single bed.

The female suspects then allegedly forced the man to drink an energy drink before taking turns raping him numerous times a day.”

The South African Police Service take all sexual offences seriously regardless of gender.
[We assure] all victims of these types of crimes that we will carry out robust investigations to bring offenders to justice.’

The victim managed to stop a passing car for help after he was dumped semi naked in a field. Rape and sexual violence against both men and women is prevalent in South Africa with an estimate of half a million cases annually.

Rees Mann, of the South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, said nearly 20 per cent of sexual violations reported were on men.
He said:

‘Male victims are much less likely than females to report sexual abuse because police don’t take it seriously.’


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