Nigerian man Caught at Pakistan Airport With 1.5kg of Heroin

Pakistani Airport Security recovered one and half kilograms of liquid heroin from a Nigerian national at Benazir International Airport, Islamabad, Pakistan on May 19. Based on reports of local media, the liquid heroin was concealed in shampoo bottles.

The arrested suspect, identified as Oliver Ogegio, was trying to smuggle the heroin out of the country.
Five thousand dollars cash were also recovered from his baggage. Airport sources he was heading back to Nigeria on a private airline via Doha. The suspect was handed over to Anti Narcotics Force which has initiated investigation from him.

This won’t be the first time such events are occurring given the economic status of the home country of Nigeria. The citizens are heading out and looking for greener pastures where they can make money to alleviate their sufferings and that of their families.

Miracle Chinonso

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